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Hongkong Plydream Limited is Hongkong based registered company following Hongkong&China mainland company business law, specializing wood based products export from China mainland, already establish long term relationship with different international market customers, now rely on the good relationship with customers, we are expanding our business range in the related industry,
we are also open B2B website in order to show us to big range of customers group global market.

Dealing with mostly friend and familiar and credibility factory and working in purchasing and quality control system to make sure our products to customers always good quality and fast delivery, you could get your order in one place and no need to talk with different talking style people to waste time,easy to control and focus on your sales market and customers.

Getting stable supply chain and avoid the risk cannot buy goods from factory,and need to supply goods to market in short time,we have different options and make your purchase quality, price, delivery stable and easy.

In regular overseas market, there is a sustainable supply chain which is factory - export company - import company - end users, it is good and continuous supply chain, and save time,balanced workable ecosystems, if you didnt want to ruin the system to waste your time and cost so just come to us and will benefit your business.

We are pleased to offer the samples, give the quote in an hour, reply emails in an hour, cant ask customers wait us, and give you the time to talk with your customers and give you more time to consider and make decision,we focus on long term relationship and impossible to do short sight moves to lost our credibility and trustability which our most important value.

We understand and familiar with the situation of industry and factories, adapting to the changing in China fast, make sure quality, offer test report each order, save your cost traveling fee, we will do QA QC each order and buyers will know each process each stage.

Below are the products and industry we are in right now

Fancy Plywood,BS 1088 Marine Plywood, Film Faced Plywood, MDF, LVL, Paticle Board, H20 Beam

Kitchen Cabinet, Wood Doors, Windows, Wardrobe, Closet, Bed, Sofa, Floor, Ceilings, Mouldings, Furniture, Scaffolding, Formwork, Boat, ETC.

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